The Re-Invention of Pantone.

After a couple years studying graphics at school, and four more years working in design-for-print I learned to appreciate the importance of color.  It wasn’t just something to be used, it needed to be reliable.  In print, color accuracy is everything.

Pantone totally rocked this industry for years; when my father handed down his Pantone swatch book I treasured it.  Okay, he may have loaned it to me and never got it back, but either way it felt like a rights-of-passage; I respected it.  And that’s the thing with Pantone, they’re respected because they’re trusted.

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Then they kinda disappeared from my life.  My career change from graphics to animation was a large part of that; but as macs, then PC’s moved into the world of color Pantone seemed to lose relative importance.  Sure, in the print industry Pantone standards remain crucial, but now everyone uses color; as a name it could have been as familiar as “arial”, as generalized as “font”.  As a brand it could have been as synonymous as “intel”.

“Pantone Inside” – why not?

So to see the company recently reinvent itself, and not just bringing it’s name back to prominence in the (digital) art world, but driving for mainstream recognition of the brand is exciting.

It’s nice to see you again Pantone.  Congrats, and good luck.

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