Spotify, sort it out.

As much as I loved holding a gatefold sleeve, and (albeit slightly less) the artwork in a CD cover, for $10 a month Spotify seemed to achieve the right service V price-point music offering.  Arguably the best value-for-money in terms of catalog, quality, convenience and functionality in a competitive arena.  I thought I had found the Netflix for music.

After three months of being very happy with the “Premium” service, logging in two weeks ago I found my account had been reset.  No playlists; no subscriptions; no history; no favorites; no settings.  Everything was gone.  Sure, it’s a server issue…..   give it an hour it’ll be back, right?

Nope.  How about a day?  It was actually the first thing on my mind waking on the Tuesday…  “could my Spotify be back?”….


And then they let me down. From their website I messaged their service team.  It’s important they know; I want them to succeed, communication is good.

Nothing. A couple days I followed up again; my first message coulda got lost in cyberspace, right?  More days pass…

…again, nothing.

Spotify, P.L.E.A.S.E. I want to love you; I want to give you my money.  Everyone has server issues occasionally but bad customer service is not tolerated in a competitive market.  Fix the technical issues, and just as importantly, fix your communications.

Postscript: Tonight, I figured out the problem.

I originally setup a Spotify account – jasonrmsmith.  Added playlists, etc.  Happy.

Then I added the facebook plugin.  My facebook account is also jasonrmsmith.  Spotify now decided I need two accounts, both with the same username and password, and it prioritizes the facebook login (the new account it created for me with none of my playlists).
Unfortunately I couldn’t change any of the details in this new facebook account (as the deets are all extracted directly from facebook).  I also couldn’t change settings for my original account as I couldn’t log in.

Spotify still haven’t replied…

Eventually I hacked into my original account by hijacking my browser post commands, jiggering with the back button and uninstalling the facebook plugin.  Google informs me within a fraction of a second that, not surprisingly, there are quite a number of other people who have had the same issue.

Dammit Spotify – sort it out.

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