CryEngine 3 Soft Body Physics

Thanks to the awesome work from James Hans, the Technical Director responsible for the rigging system underneath the vehicles in Burnout Paradise, and Andy Hubbard, the physics engineer – the game achieved some impressive results.  Arguably the most visually impressive vehicle collisions at the time.  Maybe still.

However, it was long process.  The car rigs became so complex they required their own ‘rigging system’ written within Maya to handle dynamic rebuilding, and it was a slow process to construct them.  With literally hundreds of variables to iterate through to change the behavior it was a very tiring process to debug issues.  Therefore, seeing results like this, without intricate physics rigs* is exciting.  I’m sure there’s still a considerable amount of work behind an aesthetically appealing / accurate / desired simulation, but when engineered correctly, given enough horse-power, and used to support relevant game play and / or visual appeal the results speak for themselves.

*Not verified – It’s  shame Crytek aren’t showing at Real-Time Live! this year.

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