Star Wars Posters: Retro Travel

Five alternate takes on Travel Posters from the Outer Rim.

Steve Thomas

Star Destroyer Tatooine Alderaan By Moonlight Beggars Canyon Endor Rally Hoth Ski Patrol

These six are from a full set of fourteen images, but it’s an interesting range because it clearly breaks down into a few sub-groups springing from slightly different influences.  The posters were originally sold through Lucasfilms art partner, Acme Archives, although most are now sold out.  There were also a couple of nice, minimal ‘t-shirt logos’ which were – not surprisingly – available as t-shirts.

Steve’s portfolio includes a whole bunch of other Sci-Fi posters, logo’s and all round awesome work.

Justin Van Genderen

Endor Yavin IV KaminoMustafar Geonosis Tatooine2

This incredibly beautiful minimalistic set covers fourteen planets from the galaxy far far away (- let me know if you find more!).  They’re bought to you courtesy of Justin Van Genderen, a freelance designer from Chicago – but as gorgeous as they are I don’t believe they’re officially approved, so don’t expect to see them for sale on Acme Archives.


Hoth1  Tatooine1

Apparently these two, from a small set of four were Inspired from 30’s prints…

Hoth2  Tatooine2

Oh yes, so they were.   These were once available on but don’t appear to be listed anymore.


Bespin Dagobah Tatooine Alderaan

The Canadian design studio, Komboh is responsible for these four.  I’m not sure Alderaan really fits, but IMHO it’s amusing and still nicely executed so I left it in here.

In their own words “Some travel posters for various locations from Star Wars. For the 2012 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.”

Star Tours (no link).


Okay, so this is cheating a little; these photo’s are from the original Star Tours ride.  As I was there just last week I can vouch for the fact they’ve now been removed as part of the revamp, but it also makes them the most authentic as they’re possibly the only posters here originally commissioned by Lucasfilm.

Thanks for reading, let me know your favorite.

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