Star Wars Posters: Propaganda

Click on an image to view in gallery format.

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars Posters: Propaganda

  1. I’ve seen these before. They get used by a lot of secondary school history teachers as wall posters. The kids seem to associate with them very well and when it comes to discussing the WWII posters, they understand the messages easier. A very good teaching tool.

  2. Great collection, and I know a few of the artists that have contributed a number of the designs. Interestingly, I don’t see the three in-house ILM propaganda posters (“Loose lips sink ships” with the Millennium Falcon in distress, etc.) that I saw om display at a screening/lecture at the Egyptian Theatre a few years back. I wonder if I took photos of them; as an insider, do you have access to them? I think I saw them on display at the Presideo/LDAC when working up there.

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