Brand Allegiance – Victorinox Aesthetics

So my allegiance to Victorinox wasn’t a conscious decision. When awarded a holdall for 5 years service at Electronic Arts, little did I know that experiencing something so well engineered would ensure the Swiss brand become a first choice for practical, on-the-go gear.

Hunter Mach 1 Watch
Victorinox Swiss Army Brand Hunter Mach 1Victorinox Swiss Army Brand Hunter Mach 1I’ve only ever seen one of these for sale, anywhere – and I bought it.  I love the retro  feel; it carries a seventies vibe with the squaircle frame and Hunter logo.  It’s heavy too; weighing more than expected gives it a solid and well constructed feel. It was originally available with an all rubber strap (left), an all chrome bracelet, and a rubber inlaid chrome bracelet (right).  The model I purchased has the latter Continue reading