Color made easy.

Five awesome tools that make our lives a lottle easier.


Coolors is an intuitive application which allows us to generate color combinations in a simple way, share palettes, and even export them to different formats like SVG, PDF, or SCSS.


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Star Wars Posters: Mashups

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Star Wars Posters: Propaganda

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Star Wars Posters: Retro Travel

Five alternate takes on Travel Posters from the Outer Rim.

Steve Thomas

Star Destroyer Tatooine Alderaan By Moonlight Beggars Canyon Endor Rally Hoth Ski Patrol

These six are from a full set of fourteen images, but it’s an interesting range because it clearly breaks down into a few sub-groups springing from slightly different influences.  The posters were originally sold through Lucasfilms art partner, Acme Archives, although most are now sold out.  There were also a couple of nice, minimal ‘t-shirt logos’ which were – not surprisingly – available as t-shirts.

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Unreal 4 – It’s coming.

Unreal 4

So I was one of the lucky few to get a behind-closed-doors look at Unreal 4 at the Epic booth at GDC.  There’s no doubt it was impressive; it is impressive.  This article in wired magazine covers everything that’s currently public, including many more images.

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Pulse Check.

SmartWatchSo the small screen is now the big screen, at least in terms of units and revenue opportunity – and if that isn’t confusing enough, there’s a new small screen in town.

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The Re-Invention of Pantone.

After a couple years studying graphics at school, and four more years working in design-for-print I learned to appreciate the importance of color.  It wasn’t just something to be used, it needed to be reliable.  In print, color accuracy is everything.

Pantone totally rocked this industry for years; when my father handed down his Pantone swatch book I treasured it.  Okay, he may have loaned it to me and never got it back, but either way it felt like a rights-of-passage; I respected it.  And that’s the thing with Pantone, they’re respected because they’re trusted.

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