Carsland. Really?

Credit where credit is due; Disney have done an amazing job with Carsland.  I’m not a big fan of the movies but can really appreciate the attention to detail applied to making Radiator Springs real.  Everything from the diners and gift stores to the rides are simply stunning.  Like, or dislike the movies, there’s no doubt the parks team aren’t resting on their laurels or compromising on quality.

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None of these shots have any matts / painted billboards, everything is ‘real’ – and the ride is worth the wait.

Wreck-it-Ralph Trailer

I was fortunate to get a 10-15 minute preview a month ago at the Disney Animation Studios, and without any expectations it left me feeling good.  It certainly feels different for Disney, but still very clearly something that will entertain both kids and parents, in part due to the mix of classic 8-bit and modern day gaming.

And how’s this for a first; a game, based on a film, based on a fictional game!

Oh wait, anyone see Tron?  Or the Last Star Fighter?  Either way, it would be cool in the cabinet.

Nice work on the movie Disney; looking forward to it.