SW1313 at E3: 31 nominations, 10 wins.

Two weeks on and the awards are just about awarded.  The last in (and reason for this update) is the Game Critics AwardSpecial Commendation for Graphics.

Congrats again to the team, incredible achievement.

Best of E3 2012 – Thursday

You could say I’m biased, but who am I to disagree with the critics?

Congrats to the team for their thirty-one E3 nominations, with ten confirmed wins!
Very well deserved.

Star Wars 1313 Awards E3 2012Star Wars 1313 Awards E3 2012

“LucasArts’ darker, grittier Star Wars cover-shooter was the best looking game at E3, bar none”. C+VG

“Seeing this thing running in person, the natural look of the lighting, character skin and so on is pushing the graphical quality near the level of photorealism. It’s absolutely Continue reading

Best of E3 2012 – Wednesday

So I’m feeling a little guilty after awarding yesterdays Best of E3 to beautiful visuals alone; so how better to make it up than with The Last Of Us from Naughty Dog.  You know it’s going to play well, and what stands out from this small sample of gameplay footage is the beautiful transitions into and out of contextual animations – the hand-to-hand combat being a prime example, whether brawling or wrestling over a shotgun.  It’s fluidity provides a real cinematic boost.

Beautifully designed sets and well implemented AI supporting what looks like an interesting story, all pulled together with Naughty Dogs trademark epic moments and smooth interwoven gameplay-to-cinematic structure look to present a solid, compelling and complete package.  How is this not going to be a hit?

Best of E3 2012 – Monday

Although they’ve clearly been in production a while, this year really feels like the arrival of ‘next-gen’ games, with some running on current gen consoles.  Certainly the largest visual jump in a while; graphics, animation, AI… and in the case of Watch Dogs, gameplay complexity too.  Ubi present a nicely balanced investment across the board for what appears to be a consistent and incredibly immersive experience; can’t wait to get hands on.

IGDA Scholarships Deadline.

“This is just a reminder that the IGDA Scholarships for 2012 will be closing in just one week on April 27th, 2012! This year we have a ton of exciting events that scholars can win passes to and get the real VIP treatment. Take a look at what is still to come… Continue reading