SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live! 2013

Check out the 2013 RTL! trailer featuring some of the mind-blowing presentations from last years show, including Square Enix, AMD, BeautyPi and NaughtyDog.

Be a part of the show!

Every year since it’s inception, RTL! has featured technology from independent artists and engineers alongside products from billion dollar companies; it’s the diversity and quality of content that makes the show unique.  Don’t delay if you’re considering submitting; only one week left.

What do you think cutting edge real-time graphics look like?  Let us know if you’ve seen something that should be on stage…  we’d love your ideas.

Unreal 4 – It’s coming.

Unreal 4

So I was one of the lucky few to get a behind-closed-doors look at Unreal 4 at the Epic booth at GDC.  There’s no doubt it was impressive; it is impressive.  This article in wired magazine covers everything that’s currently public, including many more images.

Get excited.