Window to the Sole.

Love this window display in Santa Monica.  The create your own bar inside the store is pretty awesome too.


Rockstar Marketing

There’s something about the nature and sheer scale of the painted buildings in LA that delivers a certain attitude, and in this case it’s perfect fit for both the Rockstar and Max Payne brands.

Nice artwork too.

Real-Time Live! is open for Submissions.

Siggraph 2012 Real-Time Live!

Press Release  |  Siggraph Website  |  Submissions Page

Real-Time Live! is the premiere showcase to share your latest project.  Last year saw an amazing line-up including recent projects from Criterion/EA, NVidia, Geomerics, Digital Artforms, Microsoft, Aki Rodic’s solo SCAD project and more.  We encourage diversity; any interactive, real-time submissions are accepted.  Come join the show in LA this year; Real-Time Live! @ Sggraph 2012.

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