The Best 3 Albums You’ve Never Heard.

So the beautiful thing about Spotify is finding great new music.  And if there’s one thing better than finding an awesome album that’s new to me, it’s finding an awesome album that’s new to everyone.  I spent a while looking through my (relatively small) library of Spotify albums and found three which – despite being go-to albums for me – the artists have very low number of followers.  Infact, they have little over 7,000 followers combined.

How can that even possibly be?  Either I have really bad taste or you’re missing out on some great music.

Villager – Matt Deighton (82 followers)
Smooth Hound Smith – Smooth Hound Smith (287 followers)
Sleeping on Roads – Neil Halstead (6664 followers)


Do you have an SFA (secret favorite album) on Spotify…   wanna share?