Thank you, Kartika.

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At some point during Siggraph 2011 when I was pretending to be busy my Student Volunteer Team Lead lined up for a ridiculous amount of time to grab me the annual Siggraph / Pixar collectable.  Despite being a ‘Cars2‘ teapot it’s still awesome; In fact, it’s more awesome than the movie.

So what could be more awesome than a teapot, that’s more awesome than a Pixar movie? Kartika.

Thank you.

Medina Cafe

The best breakfast of the week.  If you’re in downtown Vancouver anytime of day, MedinaCafe is just awesome.  Along with a crazy good menu, it’s also ‘cool’, whilst completely unpretentious.  Seeing as I looked like I’d been in a convention center for the last six days it was nice of them to let me in amongst all the trendy folk.

Siggraph 2011 – Sunday pt1.


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Final Real-Time Live! setup and technical rehearsals with the presenters.  These guys rocked; seriously.  This was the first time anyone had seen the presentations one after another.  I was pleased with the running order although it would have been hard … Continue reading

Siggraph 2011 – Saturday pt2.


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More empty Convention Center and setup in the Studio and Sandbox areas.  You can tell who’d done this before; I was silently freaking out while everyone was strolling around casually.  Despite the laid back attitude things came together pretty quick.  … Continue reading

Siggraph 2011 – Saturday pt1.


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Saturday; an empty convention center and Real-Time Live! setup.  There were so many boxes in this room it looked like the warehouse from Indiana Jones.  Fortunately Freeman know what they’re doing.  Luke, the AV MC worked from backstage, and what … Continue reading


Siggraph Logistics Meeting, Anaheim, May 2011.

Marriott just sent up a tray with a slice of carrot, pre-crumbled cheese, chocolate pudding and an edible Siggraph logo.

Rock n’ Roll baby.

(Staying at Disneyland for business meetings, especially *real* business meetings, is actually pretty sucky).