Unreal 4 – It’s coming.

Unreal 4

So I was one of the lucky few to get a behind-closed-doors look at Unreal 4 at the Epic booth at GDC.  There’s no doubt it was impressive; it is impressive.  This article in wired magazine covers everything that’s currently public, including many more images.

Get excited.

Long Live Renegade

It was such a perfect idea; internally, the pitch must have been quick and convincing.  “We’ll take our best selling, internationally recognized RTS brand into the first person genre, and mix with concepts from the much loved universe that encourage team play”.

I was sold.

And then it was released; letting down just about everyone who held any expectations whatsoever for what should have been one of the most interesting cross-overs, and potentially most interesting FPS games ever.  But even more frustrating, beyond the bad AI, dated graphics and annoying maps, was a glimmer of what it should have been; a constant reminder of the greatness it promised.  Mechanics from the RTS could have ported beautifully to the FPS.

Renegade was dead.

Long live Renegade.